Zola square

“I like to think that I understand my dog, Zola–especially after 11 years. But I have to admit, there were some things I wasn’t quite sure about, and I worried that I might not be giving her what she needed.

After meeting with Dr. Easton, I was blown away by how much she knew about Zola without me telling her, and she was able to offer me concrete information about her in a natural, down-to-earth way. All of my concerns were put to rest, and I felt more confident than ever that I was making the right decisions.

Dr. Easton clearly has a gift of communication far beyond words. If you’d like a deeper understanding of an animal you love, I highly recommend giving her a call.”

Sharon G.

“I had the pleasure of attending veterinary school with Dr. Easton. She was always a source of wit and wisdom. The air always felt calmer around her. I’ve used animal communicators in the past and when she confided in me that she was contemplating undergoing official training – I was ecstatic!

I asked for her assistance with an older kitty of mine who had an aggressive cancer. Major surgery (a limb amputation) might have bought him a little more time. Booker was a robust, active cat his entire life. He would often escape the Alcratraz-like cat fence in the backyard and be found putting neighborhood cats in their places. I worried removing a limb would impact his quality of life and had a hard time making the decision.

Booker square

LaShelle helped me by asking Booker what he wanted, and Booker did not want a drastic, life-changing surgery, and had no interest in being a three legged feeble old kitty. Even though it might have meant letting him go earlier in life than I would have wanted, I knew he was a happy cat until the day he died.

The most remarkable experience I had with LaShelle involved a dog that escaped from the veterinary school. Search parties had been out looking for the dog with no luck. I called LaShelle to see if she could help. She connected with this dog and it was as if she were looking through the dogs eyes to give us tips on where to find it.

She stated ‘He’s okay, he’s scared and lost and running. He’s on the sidewalk but facing towards oncoming traffic.’ Then, because she recognized the scenery the dog was looking at, she said ‘I actually think he’s on the south side of Drake Road, headed west, away from the vet school.’

Guess where we found the dog? EXACTLY where she said he’d be! We were able to bring this scared dog back to safety thanks to LaShelle.

LaShelle’s communication style is gentle and thoughtful, never pushy or opinionated. There is a peaceful kindness about her that is rare these days – she’s a wise old soul to be sure. She has a natural gift and we are all blessed that she has pursued it and is using it in her daily practice. She’s a veterinarian so she’s able to infer discomfort into medical terms which is a huge bonus. I highly recommend Dr. Easton for any animal communication needs – you will not be disappointed!”

– Shana Kitchen, DVM

“I have worked with Dr. Easton on numerous occasions with my horses and dogs. Every single time, I came away knowing she had indeed been the perfect voice for my animals. Her information was insightful, accurate and delivered with a sense of humor. I can’t tell you how much she has helped me and mine!”

– Danna Ash, Certified Barehoof Trimmer & Equine Bodyworker

“Dr. Easton has completed extensive training in animal communication from a reputable and reliable communicator.  She is honest, professional, and caring. She was of great assistance to me, personally, in checking for pain with my own 14 year old dog.

For my clients seeking an animal communicator, I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Easton.”

– Ann Swartz, DVM, CVH, www.holisticvetoregon.com


“Dr. LaShelle Easton and I met at the beginning of our animal communication apprenticeship. I was immediately impressed by her already awesome skills in talking with animals even though we were just starting the training! She brings a wonderful combination of talents to her conversations with both people and animals. She is perceptive, caring, curious, bright, funny, professional, and an excellent student as well as teacher.

When conversing with animals, LaShelle connects with them very quickly and receives accurate and detailed information. She is careful to convey to the animal’s person just what the animal is saying, not adding any of her own thoughts or ideas without identifying them first as such. Whenever she speaks with one of my dogs, for example, I am confident that what she reports to me is just what they’ve shared with her.

LaShelle asks excellent questions, both of my dogs and me, to help her with receiving very clear, thorough, and complete information. Towards the end of our visit, she shares with me any ideas or thoughts that occurred to her during the call that may be helpful to the dogs and me. I always hang up the phone with my questions and concerns fully addressed, as well as feeling that my dogs have been fully heard.

I very highly recommend Dr. Easton for any animal communication needs that you may have! Her talents and abilities will help to improve many different aspects of the lives of your animals (and likely you too), in ways that may surprise you! Please give your animals and yourself the gift of heightened communication through Dr. Easton.”

– Carla Salido, DVM, CVA, DipACVS (Emeritus)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Easton several times over the past year.  If you want to connect with your animal in an in-depth, insightful, and extremely enriching way, you have come to the right place.”

– Regina B.